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About the blogger

Magnus Holm

One monkey, one keyboard¹

Age: >30

Location: Norway

Current occupation: Freelance journalist, writer and photographer

For a living, I write and speak about science (everything from archaeology to primatology to cybernetics)  and culture (literature, music and movies).

I’ve published three non-fiction books for children, all in Norwegian.

The first one, on robots, is called Nysgjerrig på roboter (Mangschou 2012). You can read more about both book and bots at ( in Norwegian again).

The second, on snow, is called Faktisk Snø (Gyldendal 2014).

The third book, Googolplex, is a poetic children’s book on insanely large numbers. The original was published by Gyldendal in March 2017. The book is soon to appear in French and Turkish.

When I’m not writing, I read, listen to music, watch movies, play games, ski, canoe, hike, bike, climb, sail, boat and enjoy both culture and nature in just about any way I can think of.

I am not currently a member or supporter of any political party. Politically, I belong in the lower left quadrant of the Political Compass: Economically left, socially libertarian

Want to know more?

I have a Google+ account, and am currently trying out Diaspora. More info on my professional career can be found in my profile on LinkedIn. If you want quicker and shorter updates than this blog provides, please follow me on Twitter: @sungame.

You can read some of my work on and ScienceNordic³, and you can see some of my photos on Flickr.

Those of you who read Norwegian, can also find me on

¹Please note that, when likened to primates other than humans, I would prefer to be referred to as a bonobo, which is not really a monkey but an ape. However, the infinite monkey theorem, which I am paraphrasing in the heading is known as just that, not, as would have been more appropriate in my case, the infinite ape theorem.

²You can also read my articles in Norwegian at

Please feel free to contact me.

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