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Play it my way!

This is the personal blog of Magnus Holm, a small Norwegian writer,  journalist, translator, skier and all-round outdoorsman.

Sungame – reader’s manual

As you see, this site consists of five pages. On the home page, you will find my latest posts in various categories. You are now on the about this blog page, where, of course, you find information about this blog and its contents. If you want to know a little bit more about me, check out the page called about the blogger. Gloria mundi is my own personal travel guide, and you can read my musings on all sorts of gadgets, gizmos and gear under gadgetry.

A note on languages

This blog is bilingual. All posts discussing matters of universal interest or quoting English language sources will be kept in English. Posts of interest only or primarily to Norwegians or quoting Norwegian sources will be in Norwegian. In the archive, all English language posts are filed in the category called English, while you can find all posts in Norwegian under Norsk.

Creative Commons – some rights reserved.

All text on this blog as well as all photographs taken by me (Magnus Holm) are licensed under the

Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works Creative Commons license.

That means you are free to copy and distribute my work here for noncommercial purposes as long as you clearly and in no uncertain terms attribute the work to me, Magnus Holm. If you use my work online, include a link to this blog. Where other photographers, illustrators or other artists are credited, different license terms may apply. If you have questions about the license terms or if you would like to use my work for purposes not explicitly allowed under the above license, please contact me.



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