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10 years on WordPress!

May 11, 2016

10yearsAccording to WordPress, yesterday marked my tenth anniversary on this blog platform.

According to my own somewhat patchy memory, I started blogging about two years earlier, on a horrible platform called Microsoft Pages. At least that is what I think it was called. My Google-Fu doesn’t turn up any evidence that such a platform ever existed.

I have never regretted moving to WordPress, and although I have checked out other platforms, none have offered sufficient benefits to lure me away from my home on the Interwebs.

That is, of course, in part because I am to lazy to move, but also because I am quite happy with what WordPress has to offer. The GUI is intuitive enough, the themes are quite customizable, and the possibilities legio. My only serious complaint is that I have to pay a fee to keep my blogs ad free. However, I guess WordPress needs to make money somehow, and the fee is no big price to pay for an otherwise excellent product.

Ups and downs

I must admit that the only reason I was aware of my anniversary is that an automated message from WordPress told me about it. As you can see in the screenshot above, the message concludes by encouraging me to keep up the good blogging.

I have to admit that my blogging hasn’t always been that good. To be honest, most of all, it has been intermittent. And things are not exactly looking up. Both in terms of published posts and in visitors and views, this blog has been going down ever since 2008.


Still, I guess an anniversary like this is a good opportunity to bask in my own glory and celebrate the ups rather than lamenting the downs. And that is exactly what I am going to do. Please feel free to join me on a trip down memory lane, as I somewhat proudly present ten of my best, most popular and most curious posts from the past ten years:

Ten from ten

Egyptian blogger arrested

Human rights and freedom of speech are topics I have written about ever since I started blogging. As a denizen of a free and democratic country, I can do so without risking my personal freedom or safety.

Others are not that lucky. Over the years, I have followed quite a few brave individuals who risked life and limb in their struggle for basic human rights. One of the first was Egyptian blogger Abdel Kareem Nabil. I first wrote about Kareem when he was arrested in 2006, and followed his case until he was finally released four years later.

Pornopandaer tar kaka (in Norwegian)

Hvis du synes denne overskrifta er teit, har du helt rett. Men ikke skyld på meg, det var ikke jeg som begynte! Siden tidenes morgen har tabloidavisene vært fulle av teite overskrifter. Og siden 2006 har jeg kåra årets aller teiteste overskrift her på bloggen. Den aller første kåringa blei vunnet av den überteite “Pandaporno gir bamse stakar”. Teitere blir det ikke, selv ikke i 2015.

Pisk og gulrot (in Norwegian)

Du kommer langt med et vennlig smil. Du kommer enda lengre med et vennlig smil og en pistol, skal Al Capone ha sagt. En mer moderat versjon vil være at du kommer lengre med pisk og gulrot enn med bare gulrøtter. I trafikk- og miljøsammenheng betyr det for eksempel at vi trenger både et godt kollektivtilbud og rushtidsavgift. I 2007 som i 2016.

Red friday

burmamunkNYWednesday 27 September 2007 was a sad day for the Burmese people. Burmese troops in Rangoon opened fire on protesting monks and their supporters, killing at least three people. As night fell, police raided Buddhist temples, arresting at least 200 monks. Sadly, this was grossly underreported by Western media, and many people had to look to blogs like this one for information. My post on these sad events and the following protests is one of my most read posts to date.

Hard anger (in Norwegian)

12. august 2010 publiserte jeg min første (og hittil eneste) nasjonalnaturalistiske novelle her på bloggen. Jeg husker jeg var ganske fornøyd med den da jeg skreiv den. I dag fungerer den kanskje best som en påminnelse om hvor fort gårsdagens nyheter blir glemt. For ikke å snakke om gårsdagens politiske satire…

A certain political bent

compass-1129185_6402010 was the year that I came clean about my political orientation. Down and to the left, according to The Political Compass.

Hvor og Hva og Hvem og Hvordan (in Norwegian)

I 2010 dukka Treholt-saken opp på agendaen igjen. Samtidig verserte en ganske annerledes spionsak i mediene. I kjølvannet av disse to sakene, blei det naturlig nok stilt en god del spørsmål om både spionasje, overvåkning og egne og andres hemmelige tjenester.

De viktige prinsipielle spørsmålene blei imidlertid i liten grad verken stilt eller besvart. I denne artikkelen forsøkte jeg å stille noen av dem. Nesten seks år seinere er de fortsatt i stor grad ubesvart, og etter DLD-kamp, Wikileaks og Snowden-avsløringene er de minst like aktuelle som i 2010.

The Drone Wars

Reaper_in_flightDo we need laws for robots? Are robots the perfect soldiers, or are life and death too serious matters to be left to the machines? Will autonomous military robots ultimately make the nightmares from the Matrix and Terminator movies come true? And doesn’t anyone read Asimov these days?

The next best thing

Sadly, we humans may never agree on an international ban on autonomous weapons. In this post, I write about artificial intelligence attorney John Frank Weaver’s alternative approach to regulating killer robots.

Fornuft og følelser (in Norwegian)

Er kunstig intelligens virkelig farligere enn både atomvåpen, antibiotikaresistens og klimaendringer? Eller er AI-angsten overdrevet?

Keeping up the (good?) blogging

tastatursmallAlas, I cannot promise neither more frequent updates nor better posts on this blog in the immediate future. Life, as you probably know, has a tendency of getting in the way of Internet related activities.

However, I will keep on blogging. Both here and on my other blog. Another good, witty, thought provoking, strange or just stupid post can appear out of the blue at any time! Until then, I hope you enjoy my picks from the last ten years. And if you want smaller, more frequent doses, you could always check out my Twitter account: @sungame.




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