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This blog in 2015

January 5, 2016

Photo: Eric Spaete (CC0 Public Domain)

Same procedure as every year. Once again, the stats helper monkeys over at have prepared an annual report for this blog.

Apparently, I’ve set a new personal record. A rather depressing one, but a record all the same. Last year, this blog was viewed about 1300 times. That’s about 500 views less than in 2014, and 300 fewer than my previous annus horribilis, 2013.

While I must take most of the blame for this new all time low, I cannot accept that it is all my fault. I published a meager total of nine posts in 2015. That’s one less than in 2014, but still four more than in 2013.

Downhill all the way


Last year’s most popular post: Stupid headlines. Again.

My busiest day last year came as early as 6th January (78 views). After that, it all went downhill.

On the bright side, my most popular post that day – and all the year –  was published only the day before. I take this as a sign that I can still write engaging posts (about sneaking toilets…) that draw traffic to this blog.

In your face!

While most of my readers still hail from Norway and the US, the UK has now beaten Canada for third place. This is probably as can be expected, since I write in Norwegian and English.

Just as in 2014, Facebook was the site referring the most people to my blog. No surprise their, as 2015 was the year I reluctantly returned to the rather tight embrace of that social media giant.

I am not the most active Facebook user in the world, but I hate to admit that I am probably writing more often there than here. The same goes for Twitter. So if you find this blog a little dull, go look me up on Facebook, or, better, follow me on twitter ().

Who knows, I might still have something interesting to say!


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