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This blog in 2014

January 29, 2015

fireworksThe stats helper monkeys prepared a 2014 annual report for this blog.

While 2013 was an abysmal year for this blog – at least when it came to numbers – 2014 looks a bit better. According to the keyboard punching primates, this blog was viewed about 1800 times in 2014.That’s 200 more views than the year before!

Granted, none of these numbers are very large. Even a moderately popular bag about handbags and outfits has at least 1800 views pr. day. OK, so I’m not exactly on top of the world. Still, better is better, and I’m going up!

If it was entirely my own fault that this blog only got 1600 views in 2013, I can probably also take credit for the increased traffic in 2014. While I published only five posts in ’13 – a record low – I managed a whopping 10 last year. OK, five more posts doesn’t  sound like a lot, but, hey, it’s an actual doubling of the post count!

Like so many years before, the most popular post in 2014 was related to my annual “Norway’s most ridiculous headline” competition. Actually, four out of the five most popular posts were about this rather stupid competition.

All over the place

The fifth most popular post was about a totally different topic: electric cars! Still, it has one thing in common with the other four: It is written in Norwegian. However, I am not going to stop writing English language posts anytime soon. According to the monkeys, I had visitors from 63 different countries last year. While most are located in Norway, the United States and Canada were not far behind.

Of the five most important sites referring people here, the top three were social media: Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus. While I am not on Facebook, I am rather active on the other two – far more so than on this blog. So, if you find my blog a little slow, follow me on Twitter () or look me up on Google Plus.

Click here to see the complete report.

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