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Stand with the people of Egypt

January 31, 2011

Photo: Monasosh (CC Attribution)

Braving the batons, rubber bullets, tear gas and live fire of President Mubarak’s brutal security forces, thousands of Egyptians continue to protest against the widespread corruption, police brutality and poverty in their country. Thousands have been jailed, injured or killed in the last few days. But if they press on, they could end decades of tyranny. This might be the Arab world’s Berlin Wall moment.

What happens next in Egypt is not only up to the Egyptian people. Of, course Mubarak and his cronies still play a major part in the fate of the troubled country. However, I do like to believe that you and I can also play a part, small as it might be.

The regime is desperately trying to starve the protest movement of two crucial sources of power: information and solidarity. But despite the attempted shutdown of the internet and cell phone networks, the Egyptian people can still receive messages from across the borders. Let’s show those brave Egyptians on the streets that we stand with them in their struggle against  political repression, and for democratic reform.

Want to do more?

Photo: Monasosh (CC Attribution)

Alas, the nationwide protests have been marred by violence and  brutality by security forces and police. According to Al Jazeera, more than a hundred people have been killed. Amnesty International states that more than 1200 protestors have been detained, and are still incarcerated.

We can’t let this go on. If you’re an American citizen, call the Egyptian embassy in the US now at 202.895.5400, urging them to allow peaceful protests to continue without intimidation and violence from the security forces. And wherever you may live, send an e-mail to US president Barack Obama and secretary of state Hillary Clinton, urging them to make a strong stand in favor of the rights of the Egyptian people and to use their influence with Egypt’s President Mubarak to prevent further bloodshed.

For many years, the US government has been a firm supporter of Egyptian president Mubarak, and an important contributor to his military. The least they can do for the Egyptian people is telling Mubarak to stop using the weapons they supplied him with against his own people.

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