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A message for the heart

May 18, 2010

Send a message to Burmeses junta leader Than Shwe, demanding that democracy activist Ko Mya Aye is given  access to the medical treatment he urgently needs for his serious heart condition.

Ko Mya Aye is one of the leaders of 88 Generation Students Group, which led protests in Burma in 1988 and again in 2007. He is currently detained in Taungyi Prison in the Shan State. He appears to be suffering from angina, hypertension and gastric problems, and, according to Burma Campaign UK, he is being held in conditions which are making his health condition much worse. Ko Mya Aye’s condition has recently become unstable, and his angina is causing heart failure. He urgently needs proper medical tests, and possibly an angioplasty operation or coronary artery bypass graft. This can only be done in Rangoon, and, so far,  none of the required medical tests or operations have been carried out.

Systematic denial of medical treatment

Ko Mya Aye is far from the only political prisoner in Burma being denied proper medical treatment, as the junta generals systematically use the denial of medical treatment to harass and intimidate political prisoners. According to Assistance Association for Political Prisoners (Burma), 137 of Burma’s shocking total of 2199 political prisoners  are in poor health as a result of harsh medical conditions or being denied proper medical care.

These prisoners do not only need medical treatment. They need your help. At the web site of Burma Campaign UK, you can send a message from your heart in order to save that of Ko Mya Aye. Please do so. Urge junta leader and senior General Than Shwe to ensure that Ko Mya Aye and all other political prisoners in Burma are immediately given any medical treatment they need while they remain in detention, and to eventually release all political prisoners.

Photo: Burma Campaign UK

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