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Support the Saffron Revolution!

September 22, 2009

Two years ago this week, thousands of monks and citizens flooded the streets of Burma protesting against the brutal military junta. Inspired by the courage of the initial protesters, over 100,000 more took to the streets in what was soon dubbed the Saffron Revolution, the largest demonstrations in Burma in 20 years.

Alas, the ruling junta responded to the peaceful demonstrations violently and in full force, and the uprising was brutally suppressed. However, the Saffron Revolution inspired people all around the world. Governments and citizens alike renewed their interest in Burma, and began to increase pressure on the regime. The US Campaign for Burma is one of the many organizations working for freedom for the Burmese people. In an e-mail campaign, they are asking supporters to honor the spirit of the Saffron Revolution. There are many ways to support the Burmese people in their struggle for freedom, and, unlike the brave Burmese protesters, you don’t risk your life doing it.

Investigation, not arms

The US Campaign for Burma is one of several organizations putting pressure on the UN Security Council to investigate crimes against humanity and war crimes in Burma. Sign their petition calling for a global arms embargo against Burma as well as immediate action on crimes against humanity in Burma. Then, go to the website of the Burma Campaign UK and contact the foreign ministers of countries that still do not support an arms embargo.

Release the prisoners!

Several hundred of the protesters arrested in the crackdown on the Saffron Revolution are still suffering behind bars. All in all, there are over 2,100 political prisoners in Burma. They have been imprisoned for peacefully calling for democracy and freedom, and, according to the Burma Campaign UK, once in prison, they face horrific torture. Via the web site of the Burma Campaign UK, you can e-mail Secretary General Ban Ki Moon and all members of the UN Security Council and ask them to make the release of Burma’s political prisoners their top priority.

The most famous of Burma’s political prisoners is not kept in a prison, but in house arrest. Go to the website of Amnesty International and send a message to senior general Than Shwe, calling for the immediate and unconditional release of Aung San Suu Kyi.

Two years ago, thousands of brave Burmese protesters risked death or imprisonment struggling for their freedom. Please remember these courageous men, women, and children by doing what you can to help them in their struggle!

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