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Mosaad Abu Fajr one year in prison

January 2, 2009

As we are entering a new year, Mosaad Abu Fajr has already spent more than one year in prison. His crime? Discussing issues faced by Egypt’s Bedouin communities on his blog.

26. December  2008 marked one year since Egyptian human rights activist Mosaad Suleiman Hassan was arrested and detained. Better known by his pen name Mosaad Abu Fajr, Hassan is an activist, blogger and novelist from North Sinai, Egypt. Even though Article 47 of the Egyptian Constitution is supposed to guarantee free expression, Hassan was arrested after using his blog Wedna Ne`ish (We Want To Live) to raise issues faced by Egypt’s Bedouin community.

Since Hassan’s arrest, there have been three court orders for his release. However, Egyptian State Security has used powers granted under  Egypt’s Emergency Law to keep him behind bars. By discussing important issues on his blog, Hassan has done nothing but exercise his freedom of speech, guaranteed in the Egyptian constitution. This is confirmed by the Egyptian judicial authorities in three court orders. The Egyptian Ministry of Interior must therefore release Hassan immediately. Freedom of speech means freedom of the speakers, especially those who have proven themselves to be somewhat of  a nuisance for the government.

Urge the Egyptian Ministry of the Interior to comply with court orders to release Abu Fajr, as well as others detained under the Emergency Law here.

UPDATE: According to Amnesty International USA, Musaad AbuFajr was released on 14 July 2010.

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  1. October 21, 2009 3:58 am

    Yeah! The Egyptian Government is always trying to tell Mossad that he sucks and stuff.



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