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Remember the Saffron Revolution!

September 16, 2008

On September 27th 2007 saffron robed Burmese Buddhist monks led 500,000 people in peaceful demonstrations calling for human rights and democracy.  The response by Burma’s military junta was brutal. Hundreds were killed, thousands were imprisoned, monasteries were raided, and countless demonstrators are still missing.

On the first anniversary of the crackdown, the US Campaign for Burma are asking Americans to organize events for Burma across the United States in honor of the bravery and sacrifice of Burma’s monks. Specifically, they are asking students to organize events on campuses, such as film screenings, educational presentations, or organizing fellow students to wear the color red in solidarity with Burmese monks.

Wherever you live, whether you are a student or not; please remember the Burmese people on Monday September 27th. Call for the immediate release of all Burmese political prisoners and tell UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon to demand that Burma’s military regime stop arresting, imprisoning, torturing and killing democracy activists. Wear red in solidarity with the brave Burmese monks and write a blog post¹ honoring the Burmese people who continue the struggle against one of the most brutal military regimes in the world. Do not forget Burma!

¹Feel free to copy or link to one of my blog posts on the topic, as long as you attribute it to me and respect the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works Creative Commons license as stated on this page.
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