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Defend the defenders!

August 19, 2008

As the Olympic Games wind down, the international pressure on China to comply with its human rights commitments diminishes. Do not let the world forget about imprisoned Chinese human rights defenders!

With the Olympic Games coming to a close, China still has not taken any meaningful steps toward improving its human rights record. Lawyers, journalists, and other human rights activists continue to be persecuted for defending the rights of others. As athletes, journalists and spectators leave China, it is up to human rights organizations and ordinary people like you and me to defend the brave individuals who defend human rights in China, and keep up the pressure on the Chinese government.

Among the thousands of human rights defenders suffering in prison or in labor camps are Chen Guangcheng and Wang Ling.

  • Chen Guangcheng is a blind lawyer and activist currently serving a four year and three month prison sentence for helping residents of Linyi city file a lawsuit against the local government for coercive family planning practices. Chen’s wife Yuan Weijing and their daughter have been under house arrest for three years and have recently faced heavily increased surveillance due to the Olympics.
  • Wang Ling is a Beijing housing rights activist serving a 15-month sentence in a labor camp for protesting against the destruction of property to make way for Olympics-related construction.

Do not let these brave individuals be forgotten. Please sign Human Rights first’s petition for their release today!

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  1. August 20, 2008 6:49 am

    Experts estimate that every year China probably executes more people than any other country in the entire world.

    Nobody sentenced to death in China gets a fair trial in line with international standards. That’s because Chinese system doesn’t presume innocence. It uses evidence extracted under torture. It restricts defendants’ access to lawyers. And it’s subject to political interference.

    Pressure must be put on China to reform its use of the death penalty. It needs to happen now, while the world is watching, when the Olympics are over, the world be will looking elsewhere, they won’t care.

    And that’s just one issue. Then there’s China’s use of torture, its detention and jailing and jailing of peaceful human rights defenders, its re-education through labour scheme, Internet and media censorship, its treatment of the Tibetan and Uighur people …..


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