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Congress upholds presidential veto of anti-torture bill

March 12, 2008

According to Reuters, a largely party-line vote in the Democratic-led House of Representatives fell short of the needed two-thirds majority to override president Bush’s veto of a bill to ban the CIA from subjecting enemy detainees to interrogation methods denounced by critics as torture.

The bill, which president Bush vetoed on 08. march, would have required the CIA to comply with the rules set by the Army Field Manual. These rules The rules forbid eight controversial interrogation methods, including waterboarding.

House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer, said the veto had degraded the country’s moral standing and undermined its international credibility. Many Democrats and even quite a few Republicans agree, but sadly, a vote of 225-188 in the House of Representatives fell short of the needed two-thirds majority to override the presidential veto.

The CIA’s license to torture will not be revoked this year. As a result of this vote and the presidential veto, prisoners will continue to suffer at the hands of American torturers. However, this might – and hopefully will – change in a year or two. Hillary Clinton of New York and Barack Obama of Illinois, competing for the Democratic presidential nomination, both backed the bill and denounced Bush’s veto. The Republican candidate, torture victim John McCain, will not limit CIA to interrogation techniques approved by the Army Field Manual, and because of this, he opposed the bill, even though he claims to believe that waterboarding is torture and therefore illegal.

American citizens: Do you want a president who thinks illegal torture is ok? Vote for McCain. Do you want there to be at least a grain of truth in your words when speaking of the land of the free and home of the brave? Vote for a Democrat. Whatever your political preferences, make sure the candidates know that you do not accept torture in your name. Elect to end torture!

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