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Burmese blogger arrested

January 31, 2008

Reporters Without Borders and the Burma Media Association firmly condemn the arrest of blogger Nay Myo Latt at his home in Rangoon, Burma.

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Nay Myo Latt blogged about the difficulties encountered by young Burmese when trying to express themselves. According to the Norwegian newspaper VG, he was also a member of Aung San Suu Kyi’s organization NLD.

This hounding of bloggers is unacceptable, Reporters Without Borders state on their website.

– We do not know where Nay Myo Latt is being held. We urge the authorities to release him and to stop this persecution.

Latt is not the first blogger silenced by the Burmese government since last autumn’s protests against the military regime. The Burmese authorities have stepped up their surveillance of the Internet since the start of January.Internet café owners are pressured to register the personal details of all users and save screen captures every five minutes on each computer. This information is then relayed to the communication ministry. All major blog platforms are now inaccessible in Burma, after the regime recently decided to censor Google-owned Blogger.

– This blockage is one of the ways used by the government to reduce Burmese citizens to silence, Reporters Without Borders states.

Even if the Burmese government have been eerily successful in their attempts to silence the Burmese people, they cannot silence the entire world. Show your support for the brave Burmese bloggers by writing about this incident in your own blog!

Want to do more? Read how here!

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