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All about the money

November 16, 2007

To some companies, blatant human rights violations are no big deal. At least, they do not present any problems a good PR campaign and a couple of lobbyist cannot fix.

Oil companies Total and Chevron demonstrate daily that thet value profits far higher than human lives, at least if the lives in question happen to be Burmese. The two companies have been operating the Yadana natural gas pipeline in southern Burma since the early ’90s, enabling the brutal Burmese junta to cash in an estimated $450 million a year. Despite the brutal crackdown on peaceful protesters by the Burmese regime, these two companies continue to support the junta. Not only economically, they also lobby hard in the U.S. and Europe against government measures to support a democratic transition in Burma.

Money seems to be the only language the people at Total and Chevron understand. It is past time that consumers let the money start talking in order to make the proverbial cow manure walk. Join the global boycott of Chevron, Total and their daughter companies Elf, Fina, Texaco, Caltex and Unocal! If enough people stop buying fuel from these companies, it might actually have an impact, not only on their profits but also on their policy. These greedy bastards will keep supporting the Burmese junta as long as it is profitable to do so. Let’s make it unprofitable! To make sure your voice is heard, sign the boycott pledge at

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