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Time out

November 3, 2007

Time is a strange thing. Even though it can be measured in standardized units like seconds and minutes, time still has a highly subjective factor to it.


It might be true that God moves in mysterious ways, but the same can also be said about time. Some days seem to come rushing past you so fast that they leave you wondering if they were ever really there, while other days seem to last forever. When I was a little kid, five years seemed like forever, these days 1997 seems like yesterday.

At times, your problem is finding something to fill your time with, at other times, it is finding time for your something that is the problem. Time seems, to a certain degree, to lie in the eye, or rather on the hands of the beholder. As your time changes, stretches and bends, so do your priorities. Sometimes, writing on your blog is the most meaningful, fulfilling way to spend your time, other times it seems like a complete waste of it.

While blogging still seems meaningful, even important to me, my priorities are changing a bit these days. Other things in my life are so much MORE important and meaningful than blogging right now. Blogging will have to take second, or to be honest, about fifth place for a while. Therefore, I will probably not update this blog very often for the weeks to come. However, I am NOT closing it down. Have no fear, I will be back in the blogosphere in the wink of an eye, or maybe a small eternity, depending on YOUR perspective on time.

Til mine norskspråklige lesere:

Jeg kommer tilbake seinest i midten av desember, da det er klart for ÅRETS TEITESTE OVERSKRIFT 2007!

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