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Wednesday is a good day for action

October 23, 2007

Wednesday October 24. is a special day. Besides being the official United Nations Day, it also marks 12 years of house arrest for Daw Aung San Suu Kyi and one month since the uprisings in Burma were at their peak. In other words: It is a perfect day to do something for the oppressed, in Burma and elsewhere.

Whatever your feelings towards the UN as an organization, the UN Day is a good day to show some faith in the UN. Send an e-mail to Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon and tell him that you expect him to call Burma’s military regime and demand the immediate end to arrests and torture of peaceful demonstrators.

China has long been one of the main supporters of the Burmese regime, and Chinese support for the junta is still the main reason why the UN Security Council has not been able to agree on a strong resolution on Burma. China is also hosting the 2008 Olympics, and should be sensitive to international pressure. Send an email to the Beijing Olympic ticket office, letting them know that you will not be supporting the Olympics in 2008 unless China ends it’s support of the Burmese regime.

UN is not the only organization with a moral obligation to do something about the situation in Burma. In 1997 the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) argued for Burma’s admission to the group , claiming that this would encourage respect for human rights and a democratization process in the country. As we all know, this has not happened, and ASEAN has done next to nothing about it. Tell the ASEAN countries that the ASEAN meeting on November 17 must include a discussion about how ASEAN members States and their partners, including China, can urge the Burmese authorities to stop killing peaceful protestors, release political prisoners, and begin a democratization process.

More ideas for how YOU can support the Burmese people can be found in this article.

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