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People kill people – with guns!

April 23, 2007

Everyone with access to a computer, a television set, a radio or a newspaper the last couple of days have witnessed America’s worst mass shooting on the campus of Virginia Tech. Thirty-three people were killed, at least fifteen more were wounded.

Very close to all US citizens of voting age must have seen, read about or at least heard about the incident by now. Most of these people know that the killer used two handguns to commit these horrible killings. Most American citizens are also aware that event though this is by far the worst school shooting in the US, it is not the first. Stil, not everyone wants to realize that both the recent tragedy at VT and many like it could have been prevented by stricter gun laws.

Arming the killers

The National Rifle Association and their supporters have always claimed that guns don’t kill people, people kill people. Of course, there is some truth in this proverb. Only very rarely do guns kill people without the help of human beings pulling the trigger. It might also be argued that the frustrated, probably mentally disturbed man who went on a killing spree in Virginia probably would have killed – or at least attempted to kill – one or two people even if i couldn’t have legally bought a gun. Yes, he might have beaten her to death, stabbed or strangled her, and of course, this would have been more tragic than words can express. But there is no way, absolutely no way that a single assassin could have killed 32 – thirty two – people in a couple of hours without the devastating power of modern firearms.

Enough is enough

In the words of Paul Helmke of the Brady Campaign to Prevent Violence:

– It’s past time for us to agree that something is wrong when an individual with such obvious signs of instability can legally arm himself with the extraordinary firepower necessary to murder so many innocent people.

Enough is enough. If you are a US citizen, please add your name to the list of people demanding stronger gun laws. And do it today, tomorrow may be to late!

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