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Save Internet radio!

April 17, 2007

As an eager user of the Internet radio Pandora, I was alarmed to learn that the US Copyright Royalty Board has decided to raise music icensing fees for Internet radio sites by 300 to 1200 percent. According to Pandora founder Tim Westergren, such a rise in royalty rates will mean the death of almost every Internet radio out there.

While it might be argued that the artists behind the music deserve a decent pay for their works of art, I do not for a second doubt that most of this money will end up in the pockets of the recording industry tycoons in RIAA. I don’t know about you, but I really don’t want to give this greedy bunch one cent more than I have to. Also, Westergren argues, the new fees for Internet radios are four times higher than what satellite radio pays, and broadcast radios don’t pay license fees at all. Where is the fairness in that?

I am not the only one finding the new legislation unfair, and the possible consequences tragic. Artists, listeners, and Webcasters, have created the SaveNetRadio coalition to help save Internet radio. If you are a US citizen, please sign their petition to stop the license fee rise!

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