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Measure your carbon footprint

January 24, 2007

Today is carbon judgment day: it is time to find out just where you lie on the carbon emissions scale.

British newspaper group Guardian Unlimited has obtained a draft copy of the Fourth Assessment Report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), scheduled for release next week. The draft, considered by many the most authoritative report yet produced on climate change, makes a chilling read. The report reflects climate scientists’ growing fears that Earth is nearing the stage when carbon dioxide rises will bring irreversible change to the planet.

Is it my fault?

The more than 800 contributing authors, all leading scientists in the field of climate change, agree that “It is very likely that [man-made] greenhouse gas increases caused most of the average temperature increases since the mid-20th century”.

However, there is still hope, Peter Cox of Exeter University told the Guardian.

– We are like alcoholics who have got as far as admitting there is a problem. It is a start. Now we have got to start drying out – which means reducing our carbon output.

Just how big is your carbon problem? How much do you contribute to the climate crisis? Find out now with the Guardian’s step-by-step guide.


Earth: Harrison Schmitt / NASA / Wikimedia Commons
Footprint: Anita Patterson Peppers / Morguefile

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