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Five years of shame

January 9, 2007

Five years ago, the first prisoners arrived at the American base at Guantanamo bay. According to the Independent, none of these have been brought to trial almost five years later.

Three prisoners have committed suicide, at least 40 others have tried to do so and there are concerns about the mental health of most of the 400 remaining prisoners. There have been protests against the brutal treatment of the prisoners from most of the civilized countries in the world, as well as from uncountable NGOs. Even inside the USA, many consider the prison camp at Guantanamo illegal.

American terror

Last June the US Supreme Court ruled that the Bush administration’s use of military tribunals was unconstitutional, and that each of the prisoners had the right to have their cases heard in court. Three months later, however, the then Republican dominated Congress passed new legislation that circumvented the Supreme Court ruling and opened the way to proceed with the tribunals. It also backed the administration’s decision to refuse prisoners the right to see the evidence used against them, and gave Mr Bush wide authority to decide which interrogation techniques are legal.

Amnesty International is one of many organizations demonstrating against the treatment of the Guantanamo prisoners. Please join them int their struggle for justice, decency and basic human rights!

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