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An eye for an eye?

January 2, 2007

Capital punishment is not a good idea. Ever. Not for 76-year-old wheelchair bound Americans, not for brutal ex-dictators and most certainly not when they are carried out by a puppet governement in a country plagued by civil war.

The execution of Saddam Hussein is not exactly the saddest thing that happened in 2006. I do not shed any tears for the death of one of the most brutal dictators we ever saw in the 1900s. Still, it might be appropriate to weep a little for man kind, when, in 2006 we have still not stopped the totally pointless practice of killing the killers.

Hanging an old man will not bring peace to Iraq. Killing murderers by lethal injection will not make the United States a safer place. The only thing capital punishment will ever give society is more dead people.

In other words

I guess this post will not change anyone’s feelings towards capital punishment. I do, however, hope that it might make you want to read more about death penalty. The blog Incompetence Inc. has a very nice article on the execution of Saddam Hussein. You should also check out the article cleverly called How Saddam Killed the Death Penalty by parralleldivergence. For you Norwegians out there, check out journalist Thomas Marthinsens views on the same theme.

If you do find, as I do, that capital punishment is indeed cruel and should thus be considerably more unusual than it is today, please go to Amnesty International and take action. Thank you.

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