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Respect Creative Commons licenses

December 5, 2006

…or else!

The people behind Microsoft’s RSS Team Blog made a bad mistake when they decided not to respect a Creative Commons license and publish a photo taken from former Microsoft employee Niall Kennedy’s Flickr account. According to Todd Bishop’s Microsoft Blog, this pissed Kennedy off something awful. He wasn’t pleased at all that Micros**t used his photo on a commercial site, without attribution, thus violating the terms of the Creative Commons License.

Sweet revenge

– Basically they stole one of my photos and put it on their blog. I decided to make them very aware of that fact, Kennedy told Todd Bishop.

Instead of just telling Micros**t that what they had done was unacceptable, Kennedy decided to give them a little lesson in Creative Commons licensing: He replaced the immage in his account with a rather explicit pornographic immage, only censored by the Creative Commons logo.

As a result, the RSS Team are now presumably very aware of their mistake. The updated post now concludes with an apology to Kennedy for the improper use, in addition to an apology to readers who saw the second image.

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