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18 Palestinians killed in their sleep

November 8, 2006

According to The Independent, Israeli forces shelled a Palestinian residential neighborhood early this morning, killing at least 18 members of an extended family, including 10 children.

In Beit Hanoun, scorched fragments of clothes and body parts lay strewn in pools of blood in front of a row of houses that was riddled by an Israeli artillery strike early today while Palestinian residents slept. Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas naturally condemned the attack:

– This is no doubt a terrible, despicable crime that Israel has committed against our people. We tell the Israelis, you are not seeking peace at all, but are destroying all chances for peace. You must therefore bear all the consequences of these crimes.

Unfortunately, it seems that he is all too right in his remarks. Shelling a sleeping family, killing 10 children and wounding more than 50 civilians are not the actions of a nation seeking peace. Neither is this pointless massacre likely to bring any sort of peace. Sadly, not only the Israeli government, but the entire Israeli people are likely to feel the consequences of these crimes, as Palestinian militants cry for revenge.

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