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An Inconvenient Truth

October 5, 2006

If you care about the environment, you should see this movie. If you couldn’t care less, you really REALLY have to see it!

Many European politicians, activists and scientists have pointed out that only when the American people finally wake up and smell the greenhous gases will the rest of the world rise to the challenge of global warming. Luckily, Al Gore’s documentary An Inconvenient Truth might just have what it takes to rally both Americans and Europeans alike.

The scariest movie you’ll ever see
An Inconvenient Truth doesn’t present any new, controversial theories. It doesn’t exactly revolutionize documentary filmmaking either. It simply doesn’t have to. Although it is a rather straightforward movie based on a Keynote presentation Gore has been doing for years, the all to well-known truth it presents doesn’ need vivid imagery or imaginative filmmaking. It is quite scary enough as it is.

What we already know

An Inconvenient Truth is a movie about just that. An invonvenient truth that doesn’t go away just because we shut our eyes. The climate is changing, and it is our fault. It will be the most severe challenge to the human race since the last ice age. And we can stop it. Start today!

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