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French agents at Guantanamo

July 6, 2006

Even though the US are responsible for most of what’s going on at Guantanamo, they are not the only evildoers present.

According to the Independent, the French government has been plunged into embarrassment by the revelation that its intelligence agents interrogated six French citizens inside the US detention camp at Guantanamo Bay. The six men have since been released to France, and are now being tried for terrorist charges in a French court. Defence lawyers said their trial which began in Paris on Monday, had been seriously compromised. France is the first Western country to try citizens released from the US camp. The six men are accused of “associating with wrong-doers in connection with a terrorist undertaking”. Now that it is revealed that the French government is guilty of that very same crime, their case against the six has been seriously weakened.

While the most serious problem with Guantanamo is the chance that innocent people suffer imprisonment and torture, this case might turn out to be an example of the opposite: The interrogation methods, secrecy and utter lawlessness of Guantanamo can make it very hard to make a convincing case against any real terrorists who might happen to be detained there.

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