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The road to Guantanamo

July 3, 2006

While the US Congress has finally taken one minor step towards justice for all, the UK seems to be heading in a very dangerous direction.

UK police and politicians alike have seemed determined to show the world that they are just as tough on terrorism as any gun toting cowboy president over there. Armed attacks on innocent civilians of the wrong colour and creed, asbos that can give you up to five years in prison for behaviour that isn’t even illegal and a ban on demonstrations anywhere near Whitehall are among the signs that the “war” on “terror” has become just as ugly in the UK as in the US.

90 days in hell?

According to The Independent, Britain is now descending one more rung on the ladder that leads towards a totalitarian police state. Labour Party MP Gordon Brown has hinted that he wants the police to have the power to hold terrorist suspects for up to 90 days without charge. As British film maker Michael Winterbottom knows, this is not a nice road to go down. It is the road to Guantanamo.

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