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No apologies from Blair

June 14, 2006

While Scotland Yard has finally apologized for the police raid that lead to the shooting of Mohammed Abdulkahar, PM Tony Blair still says he backs the raid “101%”.

According to The Independent, Assistant Commissioner Andy Hayman of Scotland Yard apologised directly to Abdulkahar and his family for the “hurt” they had suffered:

– I am aware that, in mounting this operation, we have caused disruption and inconvenience to many residents in Newham and more importantly those that reside at 46 and 48 Lansdown Road. I apologise for the hurt that we may have caused.

The Prime Minister, on the other hand, still stands by his earlier comments that he backed police in the raid “101 per cent”. In my view, this confirms my suspicion that the disastrous police raid on Lansdown Road was not just a mistake made by a few rotten apples in the police forces, but a local example of what Mr. Blair and his American pals are doing on a global scale in Iraq and Afghanistan: Applying terrorist methods in their hopeless “war on terror”.

Read Abdulkahar’s account of the raid here.

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