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Fastest guns in the West

June 13, 2006

After laying low for a couple of months, the funnily behelmeted harbingers of doom strike again. The guys with the cosy nickname and the itchy forefingers are once again practicing their vigilante policy of shooting first and asking the wrong questions afterwords.

I am of course referring to the so-called British Bobbies, or more specifically their heavily armed collegues in the (anti-) terrorist squad. If the British police has learned anything from the shooting of the innocent electrician Jean Charles de Menezes last year, it seems to be that they CAN get away with murder. According to The Independent, British anti-terrorist officers stormed the house of muslim brothers Mohammed Abdul Kahar and Abul Koyair after receiving intelligence suggesting that a chemical bomb was hidden in the building. Mr Kahar told a packed press conference how he was woken by the screams of his younger brother. Thinking they were being robbed, he then edged down the stairs before suddenly seeing a spark and hearing a big bang.

– I was on the floor, I looked at my chest and I saw bleeding coming down my chest and I saw the hole in my chest.At that moment I knew I was shot, Kahar told The Independent.

Mr Kahar claimed he was grabbed and dragged down the stairs and then thrown on the pavement outside. He said while he was being interrogated officers repeatedly asked him if he was a member of an extremist group, including at one point the Ku Klux Klan.

– We had no choice

Since the raid, Scotland Yard has insisted officers had no choice but to act after receiving intelligence about the existence of a chemical bomb. No choice? No choice but to break into people’s homes, acting on dubious intelligence? No choice but to shoot unarmed citizens on sight? No choice but to harass a gunshot victim with stupid questions and extremely rough treatment?

Birds of a feather

Yesterday, senior figures, including the Prime Minister and London Mayor Ken Livingstone, gave Metropolitan Police Commissioner Sir Ian Blair – also under pressure over the shooting of Jean Charles de Menezes – their personal backing. No wonder. While outrageous and nonsencical, the halfwitted excuses for the use of terrorist methods against so-called terrorists are not exactly unheard of. I think I can remember the dishonorable mr. Tony Blair uttering something along these lines some three years ago. Cast your mind back to the days leading up to the American/British invation of Iraq. Recognize the rhetorics?

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