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About cats and bears

June 11, 2006

I've always been a little afraid of cats. They scare me. People tend to laugh when I tell them this, but finally I've found someone who agrees with me: a black bear.

Last Sunday afternoon Suzanne Giovanetti was reading at the kitchen table when her husband Dean cried out from the TV room at the back of the house: A black bear had just scurried up a tree on the edge of the couple's backyard. At the foot of the tree, she found the reason for the bear's arboreal flight: a 10-year-old orange-and- white cat named Jack. The bear "hung out uncomfortably in the tree" for 10 to 15 minutes, eyeing the cat who was eyeing him, Giovanetti told The Star-Ledger.

It then inched halfway down the tree, paused, quickly jumped off and ran "like a bolt," with Jack on his tail. Jack chased the bear into the brush and up another tree about 15 feet away. He then stood watch for a few minutes before his owner called him to him.

Well, this confirms what I've long suspected: cats ARE scary animals. If an American black bear, which, according to Wikipedia, can weigh as much as 400 kgs is afraid of a 7kg cat, why shouldn't I be?

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