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Information Super Highway

May 9, 2006

As some of you might remember, in the mid- to late nineties people used to refer to the internet as the “Information Super Highway”. Little did they know that in the future (the wonderful new millennium) the way to the internet goes via the stone age invention known as the fax machine.

As a result of moving, I’ve been living without the Internet for quite some time now, and I have to admit that I have become quite addicted to the World Wide Web. After appealing (politely, but in vain) to my prudent cheap skate nabours to share their WiFi connections with me, I found out that there was no alternative to cashing out. As there is already an Ethernet socket from Bredbåndsfabrikken in the appartment, I phoned this company to get an account. The answer I received left me quite astonished, not to say flabbergasted. The order form has to be returned to them not by the Internet, but by fax! Who the heck owns a fax machine these days? Well, it seems the Information Super Highway works out quite all right, but the Information Not-so-super Dirt Road can be a real pain in the lower back region.

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